Ok I’m almost a week late I know I have a number of excuses but that is not what you want to hear you want to know who won so here it is: True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 3 Powered by RANDOM.ORG Jackie!!!! Shoot me an e-mail and we will get you set […]

Earth Day Giveaway Winner

True Random Number Generator Min: Max:    Result: 5   That makes the winner Susan @ Sunflower Status We do a lot of green things already. That said, I am going to to bring my own bags to the store so I don’t need to use their plastic ones. Happy Earth Day!

Green your Routine Winner

Well I can’t do any full posts right now since I”m waiting on my new computer, but I  can tell you who won the Green your bathroom routine hint challenge. picked number 8 but since I’m at work I can’t save a screen capture so you will just have to trust me. The winner […]