Strange things to Recycle

Happy Wednesday guys! I was looking at Earth 911 the other day and found an interesting article about 10 things you didn’t know you could recycle.  After reading it a bit I realized it should be split into recycling and composting, so I decided to split it up for you and try to find a […]

Our big Green Bin

We got something great delivered the other day at our house…nope not a birthday present (it is my birthday today though…) It was a great big NO SORT recycling bin! For us this means we don’t need to bundle cardboard anymore and they now take all plastics #1-7!! My hope is it also means more […]

I never thought… pt 2

…Paintball would be “green.” Ok thats not completly true the paint has always been bio-degradable but not to this level.      “Our new and proprietary OIL-FREE ECOFILL™ formula line of paintballs contains the first and most environmentally friendly patent-protected alternative fill. It is based on a natural, food-based vegetal ingredient that, unlike oil, is friendly […]