Paintball does good.

For those of you who don’t know paintball is my ‘alter ego’ I wanted to share something really cool with you all that happened in the paintball world recently. Aaron F is a local field manager at MN Pro Paintball and his wife lost her mom in January of 2012 after a battle with cancer […]

You Capture: Fun

Well as I’ve mentioned a few times paintball season has started around here so  guess what my fun is? Paintball Fun! P.S. These are my pics but I was too lazy to add my Life, Love, Green watermakr so I just used theones from my photo website.   I think he is hit…(white paint on […]

Las Vegas Paintball 2011

Well as I’ve mentioned a few times now I just got back from yet another paintball trip last weekend. this one was in Vegas and the city and the teams were great, however the hotel itself was severely lacking customer service…as in I had a reservation (that took 3 phone calls to make and over 45 […]

Paintball fights cancer.

This post is from my other blog but it’s so cool I had to share.  (Oh and its a tax deduction!!!) On June 23rd some of the players from Team Toxic will lose their hair. How many of them do is up to us. You probably remember them the placed in d5 at both […]

I’m still here. (You Capture)

As always the days after a big paintball tournament are filled with photo sorting/editing and uploading but I’m still here, and will be back to blogging soon! Here are some of my favorite pics from the recent Chicago event. This guy dislocated his shoulder went to the hospital and played in the finals the next day. PS […]