2013 Aspirations {Health/Fitness}

Ok so this week I’m going to walk through my Aspirations for 2013  in each of the major areas I talk about on the blog: Health/Fitness     Marriage/Family Crafting/Projects Simplicity/Green Faith                         So today we are talking about health and fitness. My over arching theme for 2013 is going to be better, when I write just […]

Healing break

Well I’ve injured my shoulder pretty good and since work requires use of my shoulder I’m trying to limit the use of my shoulder outside of work so that means this blog as well 🙁 see you all next week! P.S. Keep an eye on my Facebook page I’ll do some links there (copy and […]


I”m full of excuses, I don’t have time to cook, I’m too tired, It would be nice to have a ‘date’ with Mac. All reasons I don’t eat like I should and we spend far too much money on dining out… I’m exercising like crazy but I’m not seeing the weight loss because I’m still […]


Saturday I hung out with my little cousin for part of the day. We ended up at the Mall of America waiting to meet up with his family and in the rotunda they had a Zumba demonstration (for the video game.) The crowed looked like they were having so much fun! What is Zumba? According […]