You Capture: Fun

Well as I’ve mentioned a few times paintball season has started around here so  guess what my fun is? Paintball Fun! P.S. These are my pics but I was too lazy to add my Life, Love, Green watermakr so I just used theones from my photo website.   I think he is hit…(white paint on […]

You Capture: Spring

  Well today started off with snow, and stayed cold. But later in the day it started to at least look like spring. Tulips thats pretty springy right? Hopes of Kayaking soon (since the river is thawing.) Tiny little hail pellets 🙁   The best part of all these pictures is I took them in […]

You Capture: Vibrance

The smiling faces of the guests The Smiling Bride A kiss for all to see Friends with great taste What could be more  vibrant than your wedding day?   Congrats G&M!   Oh and I didn’t have to wear black like I do every other day of the week so I was pretty vibrant too! […]