Wedding Song

Recently my friend Jen over at Hamster Central, did a post about her wedding song. I liked it so I stole the idea. My mom actually picked out our song, she sent it to me one day wondering if I could use it and it was perfect! **Miracle of the Moment ** Steven Curtis Chapman** […]

Life is Amazing

I’m back form one AMAZING honeymoon. God is so very very very good! I’ve had my hard times no doubt, but lets be honest everybody has this world is full of pain and sin. I have friends losing jobs they have had for years, ones who would make the most amazing parents unable to have […]

Excited and yet the same…

So I’m really excited about the wedding coming up don’t take the title of this wrong. However I’m still working and that is what makes everything feel the same. Plus I’ve honestly done about everything I can do before the wedding so I just have to sit and wait for the day to get closer […]

A few new rules

So here are a few new “rules” for the next few months. Maybe if I write them down I’ll stick to them better:1) Try to drink 2 sigg bottles of water while at work.2) No blatant sugar till the wedding (It makes me break out.)3) While interpreting I will not have anything up on the […]

How we met

I got to spend the first part of the week with Ryan! Monday we had off together and then Tuesday and Wednesday I only worked 5 hours!!! We did a little registering for our wedding, and some planning too. We are staying pretty on top of things but some stuff I just can’t do until […]

Wedding Stuff.

By they way for those of you who have some how missed it I’m getting married this summer!!!! The wedding will be July 11th in MN. We are attempting to keep it as small as possible, so please don’t be offended if you don’t get an invite. Its going to be a simple reception with […]