5 Years and Counting.

5 Years ago I didn’t know that : My marriage would start with me having a minor nervous breakdown and my brand new husband helping me navigate through all the emotions that finally came crashing through after Marks death. Mac was amazing, and while I still (and always will) feel the affects of losing a husband Mac […]

MIA {Posting soon}

When I said I was only going to post when I had solid content I didn’t mean I would go silent.  I’ve gone silent because unfortunately there have been quite a few stresses in my life this last week and one way I was dealing with them was not spending un-needed time on line. So […]

2014 Aspirations {Running Goals}

This should be my exercise goals for 2014, but lets face it the only thing I really care about is running. I just do the other stuff to be strong for running and to prevent injury’s. This year I feel like I’m starting all over again since I’m coming back after baby. Since training will be […]