Silly but very proud moment.

I’m at work and I’m trying to reduce sugar…again. I went into the break room and saw whoppers, yumm but I was good I asked myself “would you rather the whoppers now or a sucker when you get home?” Then I walked away!! Woo hoo! Also yesterday I met my new mentee for coffee and […]

A few new rules

So here are a few new “rules” for the next few months. Maybe if I write them down I’ll stick to them better:1) Try to drink 2 sigg bottles of water while at work.2) No blatant sugar till the wedding (It makes me break out.)3) While interpreting I will not have anything up on the […]

Lots to say….

…but will I remember it all probably not. I wanted to type this up yesterday it was wordless Wednesday so what is a girl to do? Ok Swine Flu, really?!?! The ‘normal’ flu takes around 3,000 lives a year and everyone gets it at some point. So why are we so worked up about this […]