These last few weeks have been hard, I’m in my 3rd trimester, exhausted, un able to exercise (which I do for physical and mental health reasons) and chasing around a 1 year old till her bed time as a ‘single parent’ after work because of unexpected events at the hubby’s work.  I. Was. Done. So with the encouragement […]

Just keeping it together

So I’m not sure what to write about these days, I’m not really doing anything new and super green…in fact I’ve probably slacked in that area. I’m not super active or training for a race. Right now I’m just focsing on keeping it all together. My entire life right now is Apple, Work, Apple, Clean, […]

Get Lucky 7k 2014 {My 1st DNS}

This year marks my 3rd year of being a ‘runner’ (by my own definition) and last week I experienced a new 1st. Not a great 1st like my first 1/2 marathon,  or my 1st Disney run, this one was really hard for me. My first DNS (Did Not Start.) This was intensely more difficult than I could […]

My Tuesday…

I don’t talk much about my daily life, but yesterday was a very confusing day of ups and downs and I decided it might help to get it out on ‘paper.’  So we started at work with bad roads and having to leave CrAzY early, I’m not even talking double I’m talking triple or more, […]

Fill in the blank “Friday”

Ok I know its not Friday, but I already had a Friday post so I decided to do this on Monday…its ok really. I found this little gem on “Handeling with Grace”  who linked up to Wifestyle’s post.   1. The best surprise ever would be,  Paying off our house early…ok lame but its all I […]

Be Buddies, Not Bullies

I just read a post by one of my High School friends and to be honest it surprised me for two reasons. 1) She referenced a recent incident in Iowa where a teen was bullied so much he committed suicide.  After growing up in Iowa and being bullied myself its still shocking for me to […]