Olympic Lessons

Don’t forget about my neacklace giveaway that is up till 8/17! I’m so sad the Olympics are over (ok not for me I still have lots on DVR but hey) so I thought I would take a break for a week from talking about running and such and would share a few things I’ve learned […]

You can’t please everyone.

I’ve been learning alot recently and one of the hardest lessons for me was saying no to things that aren’t healthy for me. Right now that means anything that makes me overly busy. Its been hard because I feel like I’m letting people down but I need to remember that I”m taking care of myself.  […]

Delayed Celebration

A little over two months ago I hurt my back, big time, and because of that we didn’t end up celebrating our anniversary. Well for some reason that we still haven’t figured out, we have been stressed out lately, so last Friday we made the decision to celebrate. First we ate out with our paintball […]