Bullying in the green world.

I’m trying to live my life as green as my situation and priorities allow, however in this modern world its easy to fall into the convenience trap. However I’ve chosen not to get down on myself when it happens. I’ve seen a lot of negativity on some of the chat boards and Facebook groups I’m […]

When sanity trumps green.

I will admit I’m quite proud of the green choices we make around our house. We recycle more than we trash, we cloth diaper, use re-usable water bottles when we are out and about, carry around our own bamboo silverware and use glass straws. However there are other areas where we could be more green […]

Local, Green Baby Shopping and Giveaway! {All Things Diapers}

I’m sooo excited you guys, a store I already loved just got even better. All Things Diapers in Blaine MN (A suburb of Minneapolis) just expanded, added new classes AND brought in some local Mom products! 1st off let me be clear this is not just a cloth diaper store,  they have baby carriers, consignment clothing for infants […]

A green thanksgiving!

Remember a green thanksgiving is super easy! Cloth Napkins Real dinnerware Reuseable containers for your leftovers Combine your oven use as much as possiable either things at the same time or back to back so you dont’ waste energy re-heating the oven. Candle lit dinner? Eat real food not boxed food. This is my favorite […]

Big Business Cuts Chemicals

 There are some benefits to being Wal-Mart…Like what you may ask? Like the ability to contact your suppliers and say they have to phase out about 10 hazardous chemicals from personal care products, cosmetics and cleaning products sold in its stores. Starting in January they are also going to require that they disclose chemicals in those products […]

How green can I be?

Do you ever wonder “what more can I do?” I have been wondering that lately. How green can I be? Where is the line between what is practical and what is possiable? I want to be as green as I can be but not to the point of affecting my family. I don’t mean that […]