Raw Tacos

Ok here is the original recipe from This Vegan Life you will see what I changed in green. Ingredients for raw taco meat: 1 c pecans 1/2 c sunflower seeds 1.5 t cumin 1 t chili powder Ground Ancho chili Pepper from Penzeys 3/4 t coriander didn’t have any so I used parsley 2 t […]

Integrating Raw

I’m still trying to figure out how to make Raw a bigger part of my diet now that the hubby is home. The easiest way is salads, we both like them and they are easy to do on there own or with a meal. Any morning we are home together we like to make a […]

What is a CSA?

Photo by galant from everystockphoto.com CSA stand for Community Supported/Sustained Agriculture. Its a monthly subscription to a local farm that delivers a portion of veggies and or fruit to you through out the summer. They can be delivered weekly bi-weekly and in different portions sizes. There are also different options as far as how the […]

Eating Raw Thoughts

I’m sick, I have the sore throat, stuffed nose, ear pain, sinusitis thing going on. Here is the interesting part, while I was eating raw I was on the edge of this I could feel the pressure in my ears but I was fine, a little stressed out and pushing myself but not sick. Now […]

Raw Week 3

Day 15~ Smoothie for breakfast and lunch (I was in a hurry) with carrots on the side. Dinner was and AMAZING Cashew cheese log and flax crackers from a local raw restaurant. I split it in half and had a 1/2 a grapefruit with it. Full Raw Day!! Day 16~ Smoothie, and leftover cheese log […]

Raw week 2

Day 8~ Smoothie, leftover tacos from before the hubby left…gotta clear out the fridge. Dinner was raw spaghetti. It was good I reviewed a few recipes for sauce and decided to go basic 2 tomatoes, garlic and green onions all blended up in my food processor. Shredded zucchini as ‘pasta.’ Day 9~ Smoothie, healthy frozen […]

Going raw week 1

Click here for day 1 Day 2~ Breakfast was a green smoothie, Lunch was a healthy frozen dinner and yogurt, and Supper was an amazing salad with mixed greens, carrots, red pepper, avocado, and my fake-tuna salad on top it was great! Day 3~ Today was my first full raw day! Smoothie for breakfast, ‘tuna’ […]

First raw day.

My first full raw day had a tough start I forgot my smoothie in the fridge. I know its not the best way but I make mine the night before and then re-blend in the morning. Well yesterday morning I forgot (I may have overslept just a little.) But I had a raw bar in […]

I’m going raw! (briefly)

While the hubby is away on business, I’m going raw in an effort to kick some bad habits. Specifically the never ending struggle with processed sugar. When my parents leave on Monday morning that is it. I’m going to eat raw breakfast and dinner and for lunch at work it will very depending on what […]