My Groomsmens Dress

Yep you read that title right, I’m going to be a groomsmen!  Do you remember at the end of September I wrote about My friend B? Well I told you that he was one of Mark’s (My first husband who passed away from cancer) best friends. Well he called me a few nights ago and asked […]

My friend B

You know whats funny?  When I write about my friends and family I just use their first initial for privacy reasons. Well for those of you who know me well this doesn’t help today, because I really call my friend “B.” I was trying to remember how it started but I honestly can’t remember. But I’m […]

Life is Amazing

I’m back form one AMAZING honeymoon. God is so very very very good! I’ve had my hard times no doubt, but lets be honest everybody has this world is full of pain and sin. I have friends losing jobs they have had for years, ones who would make the most amazing parents unable to have […]