Healthy Holidays {Sweets and Treats}

What would the holidays be with out all of the yummy cookies, sweets and other treats? In my opinion, nothing. Christmas for me brings back memories of Kringle and 3 layer fudge along with crazy amounts of cousins in my grandparents small living room. So here is the thing…there is NOTHING wrong with having a treat […]

Christmas Surprise

Well a little before Christmas I came home to my husband hiding behind our kitchen island with a camera in hand why you may ask, well you will just have to wait and see. Some one heard the garage door open. Hi Mommy! Shock, not my best faces but they show what was going through […]

You Capture: Outside

I’m not sure how but I managed to not upload the whole of this house but its pretty spectacular. It’s just a block and a half from mine and they even have speakers playing the Christmas radio station. It was cool to see the Manger scene in amongst all of the Christmas chaos. 1After Jesus […]

Green Christmas: Ship Green

Lots o’ boxes, I know. Most of them are from items being shipped to us (I know bad but when your  saving money…) However the good thing is we always reuse those boxes to ship things back out. Here are some things I’ve learned to make shipping a little more green. When Shipping: Use the […]