Marriage is Special

Somewhere out in this wonderful world I stumbled upon this video last night just when I was thinking about what to post today. For those of you who know my story, you will understand why this is so dear to me. For those of you who aren’t aware you can check out my story. But […]

Paintball fights cancer.

This post is from my other blog but it’s so cool I had to share.  (Oh and its a tax deduction!!!) On June 23rd some of the players from Team Toxic will lose their hair. How many of them do is up to us. You probably remember them the placed in d5 at both […]

I need to talk.

I know that if you have read my story you know that I’ve been married once before.  I was ma rried to Mark when I was 19 years old it was great, we had a wonderful time. 2 years into the marriage He was diagnosed with cancer. After a 3.5 year battle he passed away […]

Pain pill memories.

Almost 2 weeks ago I woke up in P.A.I.N. I couldn’t even roll over in bed. MAC was at work way to far away (40ish min) and I couldn’t move. He called his parents to come over and they took me to the ER. I was tested for kidney stones and sent home with pain […]

What am I supposed to do/feel/behave?

Today is June 15th, 8 years ago today Mark and I were married. Wow 8 years that is crazy. Problem is I don’t know how I’m supposed react today. When I first realized what it was I teared up, now I just have this unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. My Mom has […]

Cancer and Faith

I think many of you know my story but if you don’t click here for a quick catch me up. I know this post is a little scattered. There is so much I wanted to say but I tried not to write a novel. Our faith before Mark got sick was solid. We were both raised […]

My Life in Pictures: The Farm.

(This post references part of my past some of you may not know about. For more of my story click on the tab above.) This past weekend I went to ‘the farm.’ I know that doesn’t seem so scary to you but for me it was terrifying. This isn’t just any farm it was Mark’s […]