Weight vs Health {The picture I didn’t want to show you}

For the last quarter of 2015 I had high hopes, I was going for muscle, not weight loss, muscle. I took my before pictures committed to my year end resolution and got started. It started out pretty good in October but in November I started to get lost and somewhere in early December I realized I was […]

Thoughts on PiYo

Guys I’m serious, this workout series is amazing….My entire workout world changed. Recently I realized that going to the gym more than once a week (if I was lucky) was going to be impossiable with the girls. Not to metion it was starting to make my membership expensive (since I had an added cost for child […]

A little more about my new adventure.

Last week I announced that I have become a Beachbody coach. Then I kind of left you hanging. I’m sure many, if not most of you, have no idea what that is. Here is the formal answer: A Beachbody Coach is an independent distributor for Beachbody. However they don’t just sell Beachbody products, they also help their customers reach […]

A new adventure!

Over the last few years I’m sure you all have noticed that this blog has taken a slight shift in its focus. I still talk about my family, faith and Thoughts on Thursday hasn’t changed much but its no longer with a strong ‘green’ focus. That’s not because I’ve stopped being green its just 2nd […]