Organizing to be green.

I’m about to show you something embarrassing. This is your 3rd bedroom, in theory. In reality it has become our catch all room. Mac’s hockey gear, My sewing machine (because I haven’t found a good place in my office) and some household decorations that need to get sorted out… yeah its pretty bad. (Panorama shot […]

Game Plan to reduce debt.

Ok so in my 2011 aspirations I talked about wanting to pay off our debts so we only have the mortgage. Statistically we don’t have much debt, however we would like to only have a mortgage or just a mortgage and a small amount of school loans left by the time we think about having […]

2011 Aspirations

I don’t want to have resolutions just that word sets me up for negative thoughts and then failure because of those thoughts so here are my aspirations for 2011: Recycle more to reduce the amount of waste we have. Possibly reduce enough to go down a garbage pail size. Find more practical everyday ways to […]