Lots to say….

…but will I remember it all probably not. I wanted to type this up yesterday it was wordless Wednesday so what is a girl to do? Ok Swine Flu, really?!?! The ‘normal’ flu takes around 3,000 lives a year and everyone gets it at some point. So why are we so worked up about this […]

Romans 9

So I read through Romans chapter 9 and to be honest at first I was a little disappointed with how little I got out of it…at first. The main point of this chapter is pretty obvious as you are reading it:Sometimes we just need to accept God for who He is. He is God and […]

Romans 7

A lot of the girls were confused about various parts of this chapter but when you got us all together we figured it out (at least from our perspective.) But then again I guess that is the point of a Bible Study. So here we go. So right of the bat there is controversy vs […]