When you look in the mirror…

The feelings had nothing to do with my wardrobe malfunction LOL

Question, do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? I won’t lie when I 1st looked at this selfie I took last month I was a bit well, grumpy.

Then I thought back to the run I had just completed…Those legs the ones that are a bit larger than I would like? They are powering through runs faster than they ever have. Those not so flat abs? I haven’t had back pain in years, lifting kids, cleaning, workouts ZERO Pain because my core is strong enough to handle it all.

So I don’t look how I thought I would a year ago, I had big dreams not just of running further and faster but also being in a much different physical shape. I’m also doing things I didn’t think I could do last year. I’m running further, faster AND let’s not forget being a Mom, Wife and full-time employee. Right now, this exact season of my life is hard just like so many other seasons. Right now I have more responsibility in our house that I ever have (the hubby is a full-time student.)

BUT!!!! Don’t get stuck looking at the things you haven’t accomplished, look at all the things you have.

Take a step back, ignore the picture in your mind that is upsetting/frustrating you and look at the big picture….look at EVERYTHING that is involved in your life, then re-evaluate your picture….I hope you see it a little differently now.

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