Packing for Ragnar

When I was getting ready for my 1st Ragnar I did a lot of searching for ‘what to pack’ and I found a few helpful things but nothing complete so here it goes my attempt at a full Ragnar packing list along with a few helpful tips. For a PDF list read all the way to the end!

  • Ragnar Requirements- Each van needs at least 2 headlamps and 2 blinking taillights if you are never going to run at night again share, if you are, get your own. Trust me sweaty headlamps are gross. A taillight is a good thing to own and they are cheap, get your own 😉 Lastly a reflective vest or light vest (like a Nox vest.)
  • Supplements- Pack what you use, races are NEVER the time to try something new. Think, mid-race fuel (gel, stingers, blocks,) after race muscle recovery, electrolytes and protein bars. I take 4 of everything race specific (so I can share) and 1 for each day of everything else (especially if your traveling.) Don’t forget a shaker bottle for anything powdered.
    • Hint for your shaker, use it as your in van water bottle as well to eliminate bringing a separate one. I always drank my shake then put in a few ounces of water shook it up to clean it out and then chugged that to get the extra….whatever it was I just drank. Then used it as my water bottle after that.
  • Gear- All the normal stuff, running watch, flip belt/armband, 2 pairs of shoes (so one can dry while you are using the other) running water bottle, glide and sunglasses. Oh, and if you listen to music don’t forget your headphones.
  • Personal care- Contacts/glasses, any medicines, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, ponytail holders, headband and hairpins, lip gloss/chapstick, body wipes (trust me) and poise pads if you use them.
  • Clothing- 3 or 4 running outfits with the same number of gallon ziplock bags or a dry bag to put them in after running (so the van doesn’t smell like all your sweaty gear.) 3+ pairs of socks (1 for each run and one for each day before or after if your traveling.) Sweats for in-between or at night, slide on sandals for between legs, Team shirt for pictures! 3 Sports bras, street clothes for before/after (try to use the same jeans/shorts and a few different shirts.)
    • Running outfits, pack for the weather your expecting but I would suggest at least 1 warmer outfit for the night run you would be surprised how cold it feels after a hot day. Maybe just capris with your tank but it’s nice to have options.
  • Other- Phone chargers with both wall and car adaptors (a double USB car adapter is great someone always uses the 2nd slot on mine,) back up battery/power pack if you have one. Snacks, you know your tummy can handle and a Kindle or a book on your phone (if your flying.)

I was able to fit ALL OF THIS (plus some more) in a 20 inch backpacking pack and a carry on no problem I just wore 1 of my pairs of running shoes in the airport.


If your flying DO NOT CHECK your running gear. If your luggage gets lost it’s going to be expensive to replace it and who wants to run a race like this in new stuff, especially shoes. If you need to check anything make it your extras, snacks, street clothes heck even your personal care (not Rx’s) will be much cheaper to replace.

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