I’m a ‘bad mom’ and I’m ok with it.

Do you want to know a few secrets?

  • I didn’t cry for my girls 1st days of pre-school and kindergarten
  • My girls play on a Kindle every single day
  • My girls have a sugary snack most days
  • I don’t entertain my girls

Yep, I’m a ‘bad mom’ alright.

You know what else?

  • They were ready for school and I’m proud of them, they are doing pretty well
  • They have the greatest imaginations and play pretend ALL. THE. TIME.
  • They also eat more veggies in a day than 90% of the other kids I know (I hang out with some pretty healthy families)
  • I do play with them

I don’t believe there is a perfect way to parent, I do believe there are general rules, your kids should eat healthy foods, they shouldn’t spend all day on electronics, they should be allowed to be bored and create their own fun and school is a very good thing for Kids AND Parents.

There is a lot of good social media has done for parenting, crowdsourcing, commandry, community…there are also a lot of false expectations, perfect parties, and spotless houses. We can travel down a giant depressive hole of despair.  We have been subliminally told there is a right way to do everything and if you’re not doing it just right. Don’t believe in subliminal messages? Why do you think want so many things??? Advertising there are the obvious ads, but there is also product placement, seeing your friends and famous people with the product. After several exposures to how good things are then magicaly, we want it. The same happens with parenting. After several exposures to how things should be we start to realize we don’t measure up….

BUT, social media isn’t real life and more and more I’m noticing people starting to show real life, not just the highlight reels. Let’s make real life the new trend.

So here is my real life moment the good….and the bad of ‘1st day of school’ pictures:



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