I’m a Mom I don’t have time for that! {Working out}

Being a mom is hard and it seems like the last thing you have time for is yourself. I get it, the to-do list is long and hours are short. There will always be something else to clean, someone who needs attention. There isn’t a lot (or any) extra time for you, but there is. I promise you, you can still find time to workout.


1st of all realize that workouts don’t have to be a long drown out thing. You don’t need to workout for an hour (unless you have big very specific goals; triathlon, 1/2 marathon, figure contest) there are TONs of very effective workouts that can be done in 30 min or less!

2nd collect time. I’ll be honest with you this is all about choices and priorities. You know that 10 min you spend playing your game 3 times per day? Well there is your 30 min workout and I completely understand games are great (I’m currently addicted to Homescape.) How about the fact that you are multitasking things that should be focusing 100% on? That budget time each week? It doesn’t need to take an hour if you focus and remove all (or most) of your distractions and make sure you have everything you need ahead of time you will be surprised how much faster you can get it done.

3rd do more on your slower days.  Dinner must be made in some form or fashion every day but what if you didn’t have to cook a full meal each night, what if some of it was pre-cooked? What if lunches for school and work were prepped for the entire week on Sunday? Yes, your kids have to get dressed each daycare care/school but what if you picked their clothes out on Sundays for the whole week? Doing these things on the weekend doesn’t’ take much time but it frees up precious minutes during the week.

4th skip the extra steps. Don’t drive to the gym 10 min away, do it in your basement (20 min saved + the time to get your kids ready.) Don’t change out of your work clothes into something ‘comfy’ and then workout clothes. Skip the comfy stage and change into the workout clothes. Use your workout as your decompression time after work. Don’t worry about over the top fancy dinners on work nights!

No go and use all your new found time to get your sweat on!

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