2018 Resolutions {To The Stars}

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while I know. Last year was great but I simply didn’t have the time or the brain capacity to write quality blog length posts for you. However its a new year and with new years come resolutions (I just learned something about the difference between resolutions and goals…more later.) This year however is going to be a little different.  The blog will have the same focus, Simplicity, Fitness, Faith and Life (Marriage/Parenting.) With a different approach. This year for me is all about self-care and dreaming big. How big?

I’m a bit stubborn and while I realized it several months ago and ‘tried’ to improve. In the last few days it has become crystal clear. I either need to take better care of myself (mostly in the sleep and sugar binge areas) or crash and burn…and I will crash an burn, in fact I’m very close if not in the middle of a crash right now. I mean right this moment. So if I want to chase these big crazy dreams for myself and my family I need to make sure I’m healthy enough physically, emotionally and spiritually to do so.

So I have a lot of big dreams this year but I know its going to take baby steps to get there. 1st one? MORE SLEEP

I’ll come back to that later here is an over view of some of those big crazy to the stars resolutions. (Resolution means life long change, not a 1 time goal FYI goals are great milestones but I’m looking at the bigger picture today.)



Be wiser with our money- In 2017 the hubby and I finally starting having real, non judgmental money talks and we are starting the year off on the same page. We have big dreams for our money we always will but all of them hinge on us spending and saving wiser.

Improve my health and self care- I understand that my health is just as if not more vital than others in my home (that is scary to say out loud.) This is not something I’ve ever said let alone acted on before.  If I want to be able to keep caring for my family well, not just the bare bones basics I need to be healthy enough to do so. This is going to take time and some money spent on just me and honestly that is hard for me.

Let  go of fear- I know that if I want to accomplish my to the stars dreams I need to let go of fear, mainly the  fear of others opinions.

Here we go!

As for sleep come back on Friday for more about that 😉


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