Thoughts on 33

Yesterday I turned 34. I wanted to do a big post about the year before how amazing it was, what I learned and all of that. As I sat down to write it nothing big came to mind. So I started thinking and thinking…and I came up with nothing.

Until now.

Last year was perfectly normal and I am thankful for everyday of it. I seem to have forgotten the lesson I learned about life (let alone the lessons I learned about faith, family and friends) when my 1st husband passed away from cancer. Everyday is a gift, its clichĂ© I know but true. Yes I truly mean everyday even the ones when I’m sitting on the floor crying wondering why I wanted to be a mother. Even the days where I’m looking in the mirror frustrated that once again I can’t break my addiction to sugar. Even the days where I’m challenged by my friends/family/boss to do better at something I know I should be doing.

Especially the days where nothing gets done because we are to busy playing with the girls (even though it frustrates me the next day when nothing got done.) The quite weekends with no events planned or projects accomplished when I can rejuvenate from the busy weeks before. The nights where I go to bed on time and the nights I stay up way to late watching You Tube videos with the hubby. Running with the girls in the stroller leading to races with new records. Quick trips to Iowa to see family because they are ‘only’ 4 hours away.

I guess you could say 33 was pretty good.


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