Don’t just meal plan, treat plan.

You know those duh moments…..the ones where something has been staring you in the face forever and you ‘magically’ figure it out after the 1 millionth time? Yeah? I just had one of those….well not just, maybe a week ago.


So what was this magical moment? I realized my friend was brilliant, she not only meal planned she planned out her treats too! Its pretty simple:

  • Look at your weeks schedule and see where a ‘treat’ is already built in, maybe a coffee date, happy hour or dinner with friends. Maybe your going to a movie or other event? Make that a scheduled treat.
  • Then look through the rest of the week and keep an eye out for triggers ( a late night out the day before, day full of meetings, day full of kids activities) and plan something there.
  • If you don’t have any pre-planned events then just pick any old day and plan a treat.

Building these treats and treat meals in to your week ahead of time help out so much. It’s easier to resist temptation when you know you have something coming up. Also you can then plan to say eat more veggies at lunch on a night you know your going out. Even though I don’t aim for 100% clean eating its easy to fall into the guilt trap when I know something isn’t strictly healthy. This helps me avoid that guilt big time.


Its also a great way to talk yourself out of emotional eating. You can remind yourself that ______________(insert name of food) isn’t the plan for today but you WILL get __________on Tuesday. Repeat this to yourself a few times and hopefully you can move on to a different coping method…or maybe even dealing with the emotion 😉 (No judjment here its a hard one for me too.)


What do you think? Would planning your treats help you out?

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