You CAN stick to your 2017 goals.

We are in the 3rd week of January now and all of those lofty goals you set for your self are starting to sink in. In fact yesterday, the 15th, was quitters day. 90% of people who set goals give up on them after 15 days… you might be asking yourself are these even possible? Maybe so but maybe not

Step one of sticking to your goals is to re-evaluate them, are they reasonable? Are they S.M.A.R.T? Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive? If needed re-write some of your goals.

Ok have your goals in check? Maybe re-wrote 1 or 2? Here is how to stick to them.

1. Partner up, Find someone to hold you accountable studies show that success goes thorough the roof when your checking in with some one…and have to tell them when you have ‘failed.’  Plus you get to cheer each other on! Find someone who will follow up, sometimes your best friend doesn’t want to ‘ruin’ a friendship, so maybe try 1 step removed, or that loud mouth friend you know will stand up to you 😉 Depending on your goals, reach out to someone you look up to who has achieved similar goals and ask them.

2. Make your goals visible, Write them down, have a planner? Write them in the margins. Journal? Include a summery of them in every entry. Write them on a post it and hang on your mirrors. Create a Facebook cover picture that includes your goals, whatever it takes to not forget about your goals.

3. Treat yourself– Just make sure the treat doesn’t counter act your goals (i.e. a splurge day as a reward for healthy eating) my favorite one is to add $1 (or whatever amount) for every day/week/month. You accomplish or make measurable strides towards your goal. Then you can use that money for whatever when you accomplish it. Massage? Moms day off (pay someone to watch the kids) maid for a day so you can relax? Anything!

4. Plan Ahead, Obstacles will inevitably come up. That’s where being prepared can help you stay on track. Maybe you’ve got a lot of birthdays and social outings in April and you think it will be hard to save a certain amount of money that month. Saving a little extra in January, February, and March can help you reach your goal — and put less strain on your wallet come April. Start strategizing ways to overcome potential obstacles now

5. Cut yourself some slack, Remember: sometimes, near enough IS good enough. You can’t expect perfection 24/7, 365 days a year when it comes to achieving your resolutions. Things happen and slip-ups are part of the process. What’s important is that you don’t let those slip-ups prevent you from making progress.


… and remember there’s an app (or several) for this sort of thing.

Technology is a beautiful thing. Whether you want to work out more, de-clutter your life, or sock away more money.

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