Thoughts after my 1st day of 21 Day Fix Extreme

Why 21 Day Fix Extreme? I have a sugar addiction and while I’m doing good compared to the past I see the sugar cycle creeping back into my life and I want to break it before I’m in full addiction mode again….Honestly based on how weird I felt this morning right around when I normally have my morning coffee I might be too late…..

Why else? I want to get out of my comfort zone, I want to challenge myself, but most of all I want to prove to myself I CAN DO IT. To be honest I’ve had a bit of a confidence hit lately.

Here is a peek into Day 1:
Breakfast was honestly the same as any other day 2 hard boiled eggs and kale,

Snack 1: a banana, it was great to have my snack planned out I always get the munchies and there are some not so great options in the break room.

Lunch: a HUGE salad that was just 2 veggie servings 1 protein and a oil/dressing and a 1/2 portion of sweet potatoes.

Breakfast, lunch and a snack!


Snack 2: Raw almonds, Shakeology w/8oz almond milk

Dinner: Pork loin and a veggie/chunky tomato sauce over quinoa and sweet potato

Snack 3: Cantalope


I was remarkably full but my brain didn’t think so…that was the hard party I wanted to snack…and apparently I do much more than I realize.  However if I took a moment to really see if I FELT hungry…I wasn’t. To prove that fact I was able to do a pretty intense 30 min workout with no issues (well other than physical ability.) I’ll also admit I was nervous about the workout especially todays Plyo (jumping) workout….they have always been hard for me. It went great! I’m consistently amazed at what a good combination running and PiYo are everything I’ve attempted has gone well with that combination.

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