Fro Yo Run 5k 2016


I haven’t done a race post in a while….but you bet I am after this crazy PR.

Fro Yo 5k



Overall: 80 out of 1206

Female: 31 out of 891

Age Group: 7 out of 139

So…I guess I’ve been phoning it in a bit on my runs…using heat as my excuse and yes this was a morning run vs my afternoon runs and yes I wasn’t pushing a stroller but I can still go harder. That being said this speed obviously came out of my cross training, I had the endurance from running but I wasn’t training at that speed, YEA CROSS TRAINING.

Before the race with my supposed NON running buddy… she ran it on an injury.

The biggest factor for this pace in my opinion was that I got to start in the very 1st pace group which was simply <10 Min Mile. That was intimidating and very motivating. I had to calm myself down when people started passing me ( which doesn’t happen when you start in a more specific pace group) and you know what I loved it, it was the perfect amount of push. I hit mile one and saw an 8 something mile WOW, it was an out in back on a bike/running trail around a lake. 1.5 miles in we did the turn around on to the walking path closer to the water…BAM humidity hit me like a wall. I kept pushing though it did slow me down a bit but my legs felt strong so I focused on my breathing. It worked I managed to pretty much keep pace the rest of the race and even have a little something for the end!

This race was well organized and started in 3 waves since it was being run on a trail, I wish more races would do this. I will definitely be doing this again next year and I’ll be going with my girls trying to get the medal for fastest female runner w/a stroller!

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