When ‘normal life’ overwhelmes.

You know all of those amazing posts out there that talk about ‘real life’ and inspire and encourage us all? Yeah this isn’t going to be one of those…


Sometimes life isn’t over booked, there is nothing you can cut out. Sometimes normal everyday life is the most overwhelming of it all.

  • The need to do dishes 2 or 3x per day.
  • The laundry that never ends.
  • The (wonderful/amazing) kids that must always stick to you like glue w/o a moment of privacy.
  • The need to make dinner….then clean up after it.
  • Cleaning the toy room EVERY NIGHT so you don’t trip and fall while carrying the babies out the next morning.
  • Friends struggles, family struggles, all sorts of emotional pushes and pulls
  • The day job (which I love) is BUSY

You get my point? Just everyday life….There is nothing to be cut, nothing I should have said no to. This is the life I have, this is the life I love! Yet, its overwhelming, it piles up, it gets repetitive and I feel like I’m never getting ahead, I’m just doing the same thing over and over.

I know its ok, I know I’ll get through it, I’ll beat this overwhelm cycle just like I have before but right now in the thick of it, its hard.

I wouldn’t change a thing….but I sure would love a break.

Obligatory uplifting part and some advice:

We will survive, tomorrow will come and it might involve dishes and laundry but tomorrow or next week or maybe even next month. It won’t be so bad. It’s a cycle, you get bogged down, you feel like your not getting anytime to your self, your kids are teething (or is that just mine? BOTH at the same time….) it WILL get better.

For now find an outlet. Take a walk, read a few pages of a good book before bed, go to bed ON TIME. Workout and release those stress hormones (this is scientifically proven!) Take care of yourself by not pigging out on junk and focus on veggies, I promise all of these things will help.

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