If I’m honest.

Last week I posted a picture of myself last night after my workout, see here it is:

I captioned it “Stronger, Faster

I know that is true, I know my clothes are fitting better, my anxiety has lessened, my speed and endurance has improved and yet…..I HATE that the number hasn’t changed since November. I flex between the same 4 pounds, 146-150. This is the highest (non-pregnant)  weight I’ve ever been.

Day to day looking in the mirror judging how I feel, how things fit, how I’m able to run my fastest 2 miles pushing a double stroller last Tuesday….I feel amazing.

Stepping on the scale, seeing that number…..I’m frustrated.

We have been taught that all that matters is the number, but that is wrong. Its only part of the story. The weight loss/toning is a side benefit to the real reason I work out….my sanity.


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