Spring Planning and another no spend challenge.

Well folks I’m going to do it again, April is going to be a shopping ban month.

We have been doing well since the end of the shopping ban but I know we can do better and with the change of seasons comes the temptation to buy new outfits, new ‘toys’ for our homes (mowers, play toys for the kids and such) or maybe you get the itch to get out of the house and start going out to eat more than your budget allows.

Well not me, I’m going to use April to take inventory of what we have and sell. After taking inventory I’ll make a plan of the things we truly need and then get them in May. I’m going to take stock of the toddlers clothes, go through my stack of purses and see what I can sell. Go through my shoe collection and remove things I don’t love and see if I really NEED that extra pair of Sperry’s I’ve convinced myself I do… and review my own wardrobe.  We will stick with our cash dining out budget and hopefully come in under budget to make up for an unplanned funeral trip at the end of Feb.

I will save the savings (and sold.)

Then I’m going to take every dime I save from a sale, every /24 from a coupon I use and add it to our savings account to be split between  the emergency fund/vacation/loan payoff.

Hard and fast rules, no exceptions:

  • NO candy, I’ve been doing well but Easter brings up temptation.
  • $20 on ‘fru fru’ coffee even if its off my gift cards. (A mothers sanity)
  • No clothes for myself.



  • Of course food and toiletries that we run out of and things like diapers for the girls if needed (we mostly cloth diaper but use disposables overnight and when traveling.)
  • Our fridge is possibly on its last legs so that might need replaced.
  • My monthly installment for my season tickets to the theater. (I plan to pay this off with my birthday money its a free installment plan they do, not a credit plan)
  • Mac is in talks to get us some more dumbbells for a good price, but he is negotiating with a business so who knows how long that might take or if they will come down low enough.


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