I’m lucky to feel sad.

I was talking to a friend last week (now 2 weeks ago) after my Grandma passed away and in that conversation I mentioned that I was lucky to feel sad. It really hit me when I said that. So many relationships out there are dysfunctional or non-existent. Trust me on this as an interpreter I get unprecedented access to peoples lives….its not always pretty.



I’ve always known my family is different, my parents are still together (and trust me there were some mistakes made that would have broken many marriages) We see extended family frequently, we go to sporting/vocal events for cousins. IT IS GREAT!

So the point of this post isn’t the normal ‘treat everyday like its your last’ like you would normally see after a death. its a reminder to be grateful for the good relationships you have. Maybe even a challenge to improve some of your lackluster relationships.

I’m lucky to have such a relationship with my family that I’m sad with the death of my Grandma.

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