Early morning workout tips.

Early Morning Workout Tips

Most days I work out pretty late at night after the girls have gone to bed, But Sunday morning I run! While in general I am a morning person since becoming a mom I’ve learned cherish every moment of sleep and sometimes setting an alarm on the morning I normally wouldn’t need to (because I would wake up in plenty of time to get to Church naturally) is hard.

So I figured out a few things that make it easier and I thought I’d take a moment to share them with you:

Lay out your workout gear the night before. Everything from your head to your toe, you may not think you need to set out that hair tie but trust me when you start searching for in the morning and can’t find one without waking up the kids you’ll remember the next time.

Set your goals, track your workouts, and compare the two often. Your goals don’t need to be weight specific in fact I would encourage you not to have a single goal of losing XX number of pounds. It could be  one of your goals, but please don’t make it the only goal. You can try to run a certain pace or  work out so many minutes per week maybe be able to lift 10lbs dumbbells instead of 8lbs for a certain workout you do. Whatever your goals write them down somewhere and then when you work out take notes so that you can see your progress.

Don’t hit the snooze button. This is probably good advice for every day but it’s especially good advice on days when you’re waking up for an elective activity versus a day you have to go to work or something. On a work day you know eventually you will get out of bed, every time you hit snooze on a day off it’s much easier just to stay in bed.

Go to sleep on time. This one seems pretty simple in theory but when you catch yourself saying one more show, or let me just finish this one thing all of a sudden you’re going to bed an hour or two late. Then the next morning you can barely open your eyes, let alone have the energy to get a workout in.

Remember the post workout high.  that feeling you get right after you’re done working out when you know you’ve accomplished something. Tell yourself to just do the first five minutes of your work out and more than likely once you get started you won’t want to stop.


Have any more tips for me?

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