This is my gym, no excuses.

My gym is a patch of carpet between the couch and the TV,  its also cluttered with toys I use to distract the girls when I’m workout. It’s immediately taken over by the puppy when I’m done (see above picture) and sometimes at night its where I veg out to a TV show while snuggling with my husband. This is my gym. My gym is at home because I only went to the gym (building) when I wasn’t running, plus in the winter I hardly went at all, it was such a pain to deal with the parking, dressing for cold weather, changing, showering, drying hair….on and on. It was big time waste of money so after I had the girls and realized I was never going to go with 2 babies (not to mention the extra cost of gym child care) I quit. It worked for me I started working out at home running most of the time and pre-natal yoga for the cross training days. After Gummy Bear was born I started PiYo then 21 Day Fix and now T25. It works for me. I can get cross training in, in the convince of my basement. I can spend all day in my gym clothes if needed so I don’t have to ‘waste time’ changing on the busy days. It works for me, I’ve eliminated 90% of my excuses. You know what though? It doesn’t work for everyone. My sister in law for example THRIVES in a gym/program environment. What works for you? Home? Gym?

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