9 ideas for cheap fun with friends.

Nine, yep 9 because 10 is just 1 too many. We are trying to find things to do with our friends that don’t involve a lot of money or un-healthy food. Here are just a few things I came up with and we having a board game night this weekend! One of the great benefits of these options is that many of them lead to more quality time instead of just passive time together (excluding the movie night of course.)

Cheap Fun

1. Board Games! Seriously I know it sounds lame but they are so much fun) Here are a few of our current favorites:

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Takenoko
  • Pandemic

Oldies but Goodies

  • Sorry
  • Phase 10
  • SkipBo

2. Potlucks/grill-outs and in home dinners.  Lets get over the perfectly put together house and invite friends over for real life.  Plus this is much cheaper than going out, a lot more comfortable and if there are any special food needs a potluck can make navigating those easy.

3. Movie night– your own treats, better prices and you can come in your jammies or sweats….not that, that stops some people from wearing sweats in public. Plus if you have kids they can have a movie night too  or you can put them to bed no need for a sitter.

4.  ‘Swap Meet’ set at theme: Kitchen, kids, clothing/accessories, house hold décor. Bring what you don’t want and have a swap, i.e. come with 4 items leave with 4 items or less and whatever’s left gets donated. Shopping without the spending!

5. Go outside – Whatever the weather entails, a group walk, bike, playground, sled, snowmen anything!

6. Check out the tourist stops– Why is it when you live somewhere you never go to the things that make it famous? Many of them are cheap or free.

7. Girls/Guys night in– Video games, pampering, crafts whatever you enjoy.

8. Bonfire- S’mores enough said.

9. Host a minute to win it party. Everyone brings the items for 1 minute to win it game to the party and have a blast!



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