Weight vs Health {The picture I didn’t want to show you}

For the last quarter of 2015 I had high hopes, I was going for muscle, not weight loss, muscle. I took my before pictures committed to my year end resolution and got started.

It started out pretty good in October but in November I started to get lost and somewhere in early December I realized I was battling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.)  I realized it, in mid December, however I didn’t realize how bad it was until just last week, I’ve finally come out of it enough to realize how close I had come to falling down the rabbit hole.  Last week I got mad about it, between starting back on birth control (which has always increased my weight.) and SAD I managed to gain 10 lbs in 3 months….

This week, I got a new perspective. I was asked to turn in my results from my Year End Resolution and when I was typing up my thoughts I had a revelation, I deleted all the negative words I had written and typed this:

I gained 10lbs  for this challenge, HOWEVER because I continued to eat (mostly) clean and workout I was able to catch myself before falling into a depression spiral that could have taken months and many more pounds to resolve. This lifestyle change is about more than weight and this last 3 months just proved that to me.


So here it is my before and after for the last quarter of 2015….its not your normal success story, but it is a success story.

Now its time for the next chapter, time to get my muscle back.


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