2016 Small Steps, Big Change


Less 2016 I have big goals for 2016, building up our savings, paying down our 2 loans faster (Student loan and 1 car loan.) Radically reducing how much we buy. Taking my health/fitness to the next level, moving my business forward and making better choices with my time. HOWEVER against all advice on setting goals, I’m NOT setting big measurable goals.

NO goal weight

NO savings account balance goal

NO limits to my sugar intake per day/week/month

Instead I’m going to focus on the good habits and small changes I can make, to make life long changes, not just 1 year accomplishments.

Why? Well its simple, if I save $10,000 this year that is amazing, if I do it by a means that is unsustainable I won’t be able to continue. A trend of saving $5,000.00 per year is much better in the long run. SO with that example in mind here are the small steps I’m going to be taking in 2016:

Less Stuff:

  • I want the stuff that comes into our house to be things we will use and love.
  • I want to remove the stuff that isn’t used and loved….yep, its that simple.

Less Spending:

  • I’m going to focus on changing our spending habits to promote savings. When we cut and expense it will be added to our automatic monthly savings withdrawal not just absorbed back into the budget.
  • I’m going to use up what we have ( I won’t be buying any pens for a while…) before buying more.
  • I will take time to think about purchases and then take care of the stuff we own, so that we don’t have to replace it before its time.
  • We will continue to use cash budgets for areas that we tend to overspend.

Less Busy:

  • I’m going to limit the amount of scheduled activities per month, but no specific number it will very, busy work months will have less. Months with lots of holidays will have more.
  • I’m going to devote the little free time I have to positive relationships.

Less Sugar

  • I’m going candy and fru fru coffee free for the month of January and will re-evaluate from there.

Less Guilt (This one will be the hardest and affects all the above.)

  • I’m going to work on not letting my guilt get me in to messes. Spending time I don’t have doing things I don’t want to, Spending money to make someone else happy (out of guilt, not love.) These are the 2 biggest areas, but I’m sure there are others.
  • Work on my people pleasing ways.


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