Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Morning All I hope your day is amazing and full of things to be thankful for. I’ll be spending the next few days with different friends and family and I’m very excited about it.

Let me start with this, am I counting calories on Thanksgiving? NO! Do I want to feel sick from over eating and set myself back months of hard work on my sugar addiction? NO!!!! So I’m going to tweak just a few things and have a great and healthy Thanksgiving meal(s.)

With thanksgiving tends to come over eating, did you know the average American eats over 1,300 calories just on their meal plate (not including dessert, snacks, drinks, etc.) So here it is short and sweet:

  • Try to make 1/2 your plate greens and veggies.
  • Take small scoops of the carb heavy options (stuffing, and potatoes)
  • Have a nice big serving of protein.

Boom that’s it.

Along with that I’ll make sure to get my workout done in the morning, because lets be honest there is no way I’ll do it after dinner, at my Aunt/Grandpa’s house.


Now here are a few pics of what I’m thankful for:


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