2 Kids and a $100.00 Christmas budget.

I’ve talked a lot about my family wanting to spend money on experiences over stuff. That being said, and in direct contradiction, a big love language in my family is giving and receiving gifts.


Taking all of that into consideration I’m very happy with my girls Christmas gifts this year. We modified the Want, Need, Wear, Read plan to exclude read since they already have plenty of books. The thought is you buy them 1(ish) things from each category for Christmas.  We also plan on doing stockings.

Here is how the gifts broke down for us:

Apple (2.5 years old)

Want– Toddler sized Legos*

Need– Long Sleeved shirts, she only had 4 long sleeve shirts…nope not going to work for the midwest. I bought a bag of 2T clothes off craigslist for $20.00 she already has those in her drawer.  I also purchased 1 new Elsa tutu shirt to give her on Christmas for $5.70.

Wear– A robe, this girl loves to be cozy.*


Gummy Bear (1 year old)

Want– A play purse with keys, cellphone, bracelet and mirror. She is always playing with my purse.*

Need– Socks! There are just not enough for 2 girls.*

Wear– Honestly she didn’t need anything but I found a cute “Daddy is my hero” shirt on super sale so I got that for her.*


* Items were from Kohl’s all on sale and with 3 extra discounts so I have no idea what the item prices were but the total was $54.34

Craigslist $20.00

Target $5.70

Total for gifts $80.04

That leaves $19.96 for stocking stuffers.


I’m hoping to keep this general practice going for birthdays. The budget may change but I hope to always take the focus of the stuff and make it more about what the holiday is intended to celebrate. Meaning Christmas is Christ’s birth, Birthday’s are all about them and our joy of having them for another year.

Are you doing something ‘non-traditional’ for Christmas?



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