The man with the plan.

You have a goal, but do you have a plan?

So you want to learn a new language, train for a race, or work more efficiently. How are you going to make that happen? There is a difference between goals and plans. A goal is the end result a plan (or system) is how you get there.

A goal is the end result, a plan is how you get there.

Most of us just jump in without a plan and hope it all works out.  I’m not opposed to this as a starting point, otherwise most people will start doing research and never start doing work. So jump right in start making changes, make a few mistakes BUT if you want to accomplish your goals, you need a plan.


Want to give up sugar? You need a plan to reduce cravings, and a plan for when cravings hit. You may even need a plan to gradually reduce your sugar intake to prevent migraines and other sugar withdrawal symptoms so you can keep functioning.

Want to get your work done in less time? You probababy need to reduce distractions. To hard to ignore your phone? Turn it off, or put it in another room. Need it for ’emergencies’ down load an app to block distracting apps for a set amount of time. Maybe you need to set work hours and know that you have to get ____ done in the next 3 hours, period.

Want to save some money? Might need to cut expenses, start a budget, or start paying yourself first.

Want to lose a little weight/lose a lot of weight/tone up/gain some muscle? Those are all different things and they all require a plan.

I HIGHLY suggest you have a written plan, there is just something about committing it to paper that makes it real. When I follow a workout plan it happens (95% of the time, life happens.) I know what is expected, I know how much time to a lot for each workout or run and checking off the box is fulfilling. When I walked around the gym w/o a plan I got nothing accomplished, my run times did not improve and I just ended up wasting a lot of time.

Don’t have a plan or don’t know how to create one? There are lots of experts out there, use theirs! Find  a financial blogger you like or book by David Ramsey, listen to a podcast by Chalene Johnson about productivity, follow a Beachbody workout system.

So, what are you planning for?

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