Something has changed. {Seeing the good in a VERY BAD DAY}

Thursday Afternoon:

The girls had skipped their naps at daycare so I laid them down and went to workout, I headed downstairs and heard a squish when my feet hit the carpet…..quick assessment showed a bit of water leading to/from the laundry room and into our workout area. I started cleaning it up only to realize it covered the entire workout area…and my husbands office.

Friday Afternoon:

I won’t give you the play by play but through ha series of events (all crazy and weird) we discovered that our water main had broke and needed to be replaced, and insurance won’t cover it because “water seeping from underground’ is an exclusion (of course.)


This is what thousands of dollars look like.


And yet, it was a really good weekend.

We purged a TON of stuff that we should have before. We normally fill 1/3 of our garbage bin…we will be filling it for weeks after this and not just from ruined items (really very little was ruined.) I was somehow able to come out of all this with a pretty positive attitude. Many small good thing happened and I was able to appreciate them instead of brush them aside and keep obsessing over the pipe problem and money.

  • I was excited as the few things I posted on Craigslist sold fairly quickly.
  • I appreciated our neighbors sharing their water for the weekend (won’t explain how don’t want to get in trouble but its possible trust me.)
  • I was THRILLED that we had the money in savings…even though it meant spending our savings.
  • We had a fun few hours taking pictures of some friends at an apple orchard and even snuck in a picture of our little family.

Plus several more things I can’t seem to remember.

Best of all I’m excited about how we worked through it as a couple. There were some tense moments of course but we worked through them all. We talked, we admitted our true feelings at times when we were frustrated or mad and we dealt with them in the moment not weeks or months later when It bubbled up.  We were a team, it may not have been perfect, but I think it was the best we have ever done in a moment of stress. I hope this thousand dollar lesson sticks 🙂

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