Big Race Dreams for 2016

For the last 2 years I haven’t had any crazy running goals, which is reasonable with 2 girls under 2 years old.  I’ve simply been content with running at all and the fact that I PR’d my 1/2 marathon was a HUGE bonus to the cross training I started, heck my goal was just to finish without walking.

That being said, after seeing so much improvement with my times (even with a stroller) and stamina, I’m ready for the next phase, I’m ready to set real goals again. So here they are my big scary goals for 2016

5k 27:00 (20 Seconds off my PR)

7k 39:47 (1:12 off my PR, in line with my big goal)

10k 56:37 (in line with my big goal)

1/2 Marathon……. UNDER 2 HOURS!!!

This is an average of 9:09 per mile and is reflected in my 7k and 10k goals. I think my 10k can be faster since its after my planned 1/2 marathon, however I don’t want to wrapped in a goal that might derail my 1/2 training since that is my big goal.

Most running plans are 12 weeks long and don’t include any cross training, boo.  So I’ll be developing my own using a mixture of things, PiYo, Strength Training of some sort and running of course, starting in 2 weeks lol. I’m working out these next 2 weeks but very limited and mostly intense house work. Hubby is having a minor surgery in 2 weeks and we need to get some fall projects wrapped up before then.

The Plan:


  • Workout 4-5 times per week (goal of 5 but life happens)
  • No less than 2 runs per week with the remaining workouts being cross training.
  • Shortest run is 3 miles if at all possible keeping weekend long runs between 5-8 miles
  • Speed training at least 2x per month.
  • Short runs (3-4 miles) w/stroller avg 9:30 or less per mile w/0 stroller 9:10 or less
  • Mid runs (5-8 miles) w/stroller avg 9:40 or less per mile w/o stroller 9:20 or less
  • Long runs (8+ miles) w/o stroller 9:30 or less

These times are scary…but I know I can do it, my times have been all over the place lately and its mostly a mind game not physical limitations so I hope having this on paper  motivates me to push.

I’m also going to continue working on my eating habits, focusing on fueling  my body not just what is yummy and somewhat healthy. I know I eat better than ‘most people’ but I have a long ways to go, to really take care of my body.


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