Sometimes you have to persist.

 I have skipped many workouts simply because it wasn’t working out, I WILL miss another one. Sometimes however you just have to persist.

Gummy Bear pouting before the run and Apple and I at the park after the run.

2 weeks ago I used the 3 Day Refresh to figure out exactly what bad eating habits I had picked up (I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t primarily sugar.)  Monday was supposed to be day 1 of a focused 21 day exercise program to get my butt back in gear. I knew I would be subbing out 1-2 workouts a week for runs however I fully expected and wanted to do Day 1, Cardio Fix. Let me tell you what happened instead.

  • Arrived home and Gummy Bear wouldn’t let me set her down….not even so I could go to the bathroom or change into workout clothes. Having her sit nicely on the floor next to me while I worked out was NOT going to happen.
  • Decided to go for a run because I knew the movement would put her to sleep and she seems to still feel connected to me in the stroller.
  • Good running stroller was in the hubbies truck at work and the back up stroller had a messed up tire, it took me 20 min, 3 tries and 1 false start to fix it.
  • Decided to run the dog for 1 mile then take him home so he didn’t overheat….he started puking at .9 miles.
  • Dropped the puppy off and kept running, realized my body wasn’t responding well to the 35+ degree temp change from my last run and decided to go for time not distance.
  • At 1.5 Miles Gummy Bear got her foot stuck in the stroller.
  • Go to run the last 15 min without incident.

I could have given up several times during this and no one would have blamed me. However I knew I just couldn’t miss day 1 even if it was modified. I needed it for my body and my brain. I knew that dealing with a needy, hopefully teething (she isn’t) 1 year old was going to be hard and I needed that time to calm my brain. You know what, it worked! The rest of the night actually went rather well (even finding out my hubby was sick.)

Because of my dedication at the start, and some help from my family today is day 10 only 11 more to go!

Do you have any tricks to get in a workout when life is working against you?

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