A simple cell phone, and why I’m not upgrading my iPhone.

I want to show you something crazy, this is my phones home screen: After listening to this Chalene Show Podcast this morning I decided to change up my home screen. I MOVED most of my apps to another page. I didn’t delete them, I simply moved them. My home screen is now clutter free, it doesn’t instantly direct me to social media or a game and maybe best of all I can see the cute picture I have as a background!

The theory of this from the podcast was to eliminate those time wasters that are preventing you from completing the MOST important things in your day. That is great, and I hope it truly does help me but the benefit I’m excited about is the stress relief. Its nice to open my phone and not be overwhelmed with options in fact I’m thinking about moving a few more.

Shopping BanWhy I’m not upgrading my iPhone

I was waiting to upgrade my phone till the new iPhone release, see this would be a replacement and therefore ok per the shopping ban rules šŸ™‚ My contract was up inĀ April but my husbands phone was dead so he took my upgrade. His contract was up in JuneĀ  but I decided to hold out for the new iPhoneĀ release. Ā At the time waitingĀ  was a pain because I kept experiencing memory problems. Since then however, I’ve developed a system for backing up my photos and deleting old pics off my phone. Memory hasn’t been a problem in the last two months and except for my case breaking recently (I just contacted Otterbox, they are replacing it.) I’m pretty content with where I’m at.

I thought the ‘s’ upgrades would be fairly minimal and I would take advantage of the 6 going down in price because that was already a 2 model upgrade from my iPhone 5. However the s upgrades were better than I thought and I realized that not only would I want the 6s but I would need the mid level memory phone. then I would need a new case…and screen protector and well it all adds up. The fact isĀ  I don’t NEED any of it. My phone works, I’ve solved the memory issue and we are saving $20.00 per month on my line by being ‘month to month.’

One of the major points of this shopping ban is to not buy things just because I can or someone (Verizon/Apple) tells me its time. I want to buy things when I need it. The fact is by the time my phone breaks there will probably be some sort of trade in deal like there was when I got this one, and there will be used cases I can buy instead of brand new ones.Ā  I can use the $20.00 per month we are saving towards other debts and not create new obligations in the meantime. The more I type the more excited I am….maybe I can get this phone to last until the next release!

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