My 3 Day Refresh Experiance

The 3 day refresh can be done for a variety of reasons, some do it to jump start weight loss but not me I was looking to kick some bad habits that were trying to come back into my life and kind of ‘shock my system’ back into its heathy eating/exercising ways.  For that reason I didn’t take before and after pictures…I should have. The change in my abs alone is a testament of convince food vs real food.

Anyway, my 3 days looked like this:

Day 1 at home

  • Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology blended with 1/2 a banana and 10 oz of water.
  • Green Tea
  • Late Morning Fiber Sweep shake mixed with 10 oz of water.
  • Lunch: Vanilla Fresh (20g of protein) shake mixed with water, grapes, carrots and hummus.

This is when I noticed a bad habit I didn’t even know I had, but I bet is pretty common for moms. Snacking on the kids food. The girls ate grapes, carrots and hummus with us but also cheese sticks and chicken…it was so hard not to eat a little bit before handing it to them. It was also hard not to eat what they left behind.

This is also when my headache started I’m not sure if it was a tension headache or caffeine/sugar withdrawals (day 2 of no coffee) but either way it was BAD.

  • Snack: Peppers and Hummus 4oz of black coffee with steiva to finally get rid of the headache
  • Dinner: Vanilla Fresh, Spinach Salad from the dinner choices.

Day 2 at work

  • Breakfast: Shake/Water and a small banana.

I liked having the banana separately it helped a lot to chew something. This is also where I hit the first all to common temptation of office jobs, someone brought in a HUGE tray of donuts. Luckily for me they weren’t cake donuts or frosted or I would have been in trouble. I talked myself out them based on shear will power and reminding myself to save my treats for something I really loved.

  • Hot green tea
  • Late Morning: Fiber Sweep
  • Lunch: Vanilla Fresh, carrots, hummus and a small apple

Here came temptation #2 someone brought in homemade cornbread, little known fact, this is one of my favorite things! I resisted.

  • Mixed veggies and hummus
  • Stir Fry dinner and it was such a rush to get out the door I forgot my shake 🙁

No shake and a high theater seat lead to another tension headache. I got a water and that seemed to help that night. However it did affect me on day 3.

Day 3 at work:

  • Breakfast: Shake/Water and a small banana.
  • Hot Tea and a scoop of natural peanut butter.

This is when not having a protein shake last night hurt me, I didn’t just have the munchies I was hungry! I choose a protein/fat no added sugar option that was available to me at work.

  • Late Morning: Fiber Sweep
  • Lunch: Vanilla Fresh, sugar snap peas. hummus and grapes
  • Snack: Peppers and Hummus 2 bites of bread I was feeding the baby…it just happened.
  • Dinner: Vanilla Fresh shake and Cucumber salad


The Numbers

  • I lost 3.7 lbs (I will say I was quite bloated before starting this)
  • My hubby lost 6lbs!

Now lets be fair here some of it is water weight, and some is because of how little we were eating. HOWEVER if we take action on this it can be a permanent change.

The Lessons

  • I snack…a lot. Eating for the sake of eating needs to stop. I think in general for meals I make good food choices my problem lies in the absent minded snacks. Also when I’m feeding my kids I take a lot of ‘bites.’
  • I don’t eat enough fruit, not even close. I don’t even eat 1 per day most days and I’m missing out on the fiber and vitamins from them you can’t get from many other things.
  • I need to make sure my meals are more balanced. I’m pretty good about getting 1 or 2 food groups in a meal but I need to make sure I get in 3 to 5 each meal.
  • I need to make sure my snacks aren’t carb heavy.


I would say this is pretty successful, and something I may want to do once or twice a year just to keep everything in check.


So I have some stuff to workout, it was nice to know my sugar wasn’t as out of control as I thought .

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