Americas food problem.

“Just cut calories.”

“Cut out all sugar”

“Cut out fat”

….then you will be healthy/lose weight.

We think we have it all figured out but do we?

The percentage of overweight or obese citizens in the United States compared to the rest of the world, according to a new Lancet study. Credit: Lesley Marker

In my personal opinion convenience is killing us. We have taken the nutrition out of food and therefore have to eat more to feel full. I’ve said before I don’t think calories matter as much as quality and guess what?? Crazy smart scientists agree with me…ok lets be honest I agree with them.

If we eat higher quality food that is more nutrient dense we by default eat less and that helps our calorie count stay in a healthy range.

I listened to this podcast last week and it pretty much summed up my feelings about food. Dr. David maybe suggests a bit more processed foods than I would go for but I like his approach. My summery on his thoughts are this:

No matter what you eat, make sure your eating the best of that kind of food.

Instead of just repeating everything I heard in the podcast I’m going to encourage you to either listen to it or read the transcript links are below:

I love the idea of NuVal system, a value system that takes in to account all aspects of food calories vs nutritional values and ranks them 0-100 the higher the number the better quality food. Several stores already display these ranks on their shelves to help make decision making easy.

I also like the idea of incentivize the food stamp system to encourage people to make healthier choices, which will in turn cut costs in other areas of their lives. I’m not sure Dr. Katz’s idea is user friendly but I think it is a great starting point!

What do you think about how hard it is to under stand a nutrition label?

Would you like the NuVal system in your store?

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