The power of a plan. {Exercise programs}

For reasons even I can’t explain I don’t like to follow a work out ‘plan.’ Maybe its because I think It will restrict my running too much, or maybe because I’m afraid the girls will make it hard. Whatever the reason I need to get over it.

When I was doing PiYo I followed the plan, at that time I wasn’t able to run often so I decided to do that plan as written. It was amazing, I saw so many changes to my body, I wasn’t perfect, I missed a workout or 2, others got cut short by crabby children or a busy life. However I followed that calendar so closely I had it hanging on my wall.

After that round I started another and added in more running, great results and eventually a fabulous 1/2 marathon comeback run. Since then…bleh. I’ve been working out, maintaining my weight (I’m not interested in loosing any more) but there just hasn’t been any progress to my muscle tone or running speed. So I did what anyone would do, I looked back at what changed. I was no longer following a plan. I was jumping around from this to that and while I was getting a great workout (can you say sweaty mess??) I’m just not seeing the improvements to my times I was hoping for.

There are other factors of course, life has been exceedingly stressful and while we have removed the major stressor, it was a crazy time in our life and things won’t slow down for another 3 weeks. The other change is I don’t have a major goal I’m training for (a big race) which is a big motivator for me.

So what is the deal with following a program?

Well its pretty simple, at least with the Beachbody workouts, there is a lot of planing and research that goes into their workouts. They know what to do and in what order to make things happen. They know when to take a rest day or an active recovery day. They have run test groups and know that the program works for a wide variety of people (although not for everyone.)

So its time to shake things up and get back on a plan…I’m thinking T25 or another round of PiYo, decisions, decisions.

Do you have a favorite program?

Anyone want to join me in an accountability group 8/24?

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