Pretty colors and white space. {Thoughts on Thursday}


My planner is sooo much more than my schedule…in fact its barely my schedule. Really, its my brain.

In bright pretty colors I layout my bills, to-do lists for the day, workouts, meals, blog posts/designs and so much more. Colors not only make it more fun, they help me organize

  • Orange-Appointments/Places to be
  • Purple and Pink- To-dos
  • Blue- Work/Photography/Beachbody
  • Green-Money

I have my calendar in my phone but there is just something about using paper and pen for the to-do part of life. I get satisfaction out of checking the little box upon completion. I also know that once I write something down I tend to remember it.

The biggest benefit though is seeing how busy I am. Busy (as you know) is more than just appointments, its shopping, cleaning, bills, playing with the kids and having people over for dinner. Life happens in the white space on the pages. When I’ m writing down EVERYTHING I need to do in a day, even silly things like paying the bills I can see just how busy I am. I need to make sure there is white space on the pages.

I’ve been trying something new for the last few weeks it’s a new method I learned from Chalene Johnson. When I create my to-do list I ONLY write down the things that MUST be done that day, then I have a running list of should do’s and on days I have extra time I start tackling things on that list. This way I don’t get overwhelmed and distracted with a bunch of should do’s and actually focus on the must do’s.

How do you organize life?

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