6 Month Shopping Ban {Overview}

I’ve read about these shopping bans a lot in my search for a simpler life, but I’ve never really thought it would be possible. You know… we have kids/we have needs/I can’t get the hubby on board. All sorts of excuses. Then I realized something, I don’t accept excuses in my heath and fitness life why do I in this area?? Lets get to it shall we?

First off I need to let you know most of my parameters are based off of Blonde on a Budget’s Year Long Shopping Ban, they just made the most sense and fit with my ‘why’ for the project.


My why isn’t simple, it isn’t just 1 thing and because of that this will have to be its own separate post at sometime. For today here is the bullet point version:

  • To separate shopping from stress/emotion.
  • To be able to remove all the excess from my house and evaluate what I really need/want to make my simple life more enjoyable and in line with my priority clarity statement.
  • To save money.
  • To change habits and break the desire to have the latest and best.


Me Myself and I, however I do the shopping for the girls so this means technically they are involved too. Mac is all for cutting back and re-evaluating but he isn’t quite to this point yet. Aside from that this really only concerns my ‘fun money’ as well as those things I justified buying from our account so its a pretty easy separation.

{Shopping not Consumerism}

As you will see in the rules this is a shopping challenge not a consumerism challenge that being said I will establish some consumerism rules as well since part of my goals are to save money I don’t want to just switch my spending from stuff to food/coffee etc.

{The Rules}

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • groceries and basic kitchen supplies (plastic wrap, tin foil, etc.)
  • basic cosmetics (like eyeliner and mascara, but only after I run out)
  • toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.)
  • cleaning products (namely laundry detergent)
  • items from my approved shopping list
  • items for home improvement (paint, nails, etc) but only for projects I will complete, not for ‘someday.’
  • gifts for others

What I’m NOT allowed to shop for:

  • “fun” cosmetics (namely nail polish)
  • clothes (except for a few essentials, or if nothing fits)
  • shoes ( I hate buying shoes anyway, unless they are running shoes)
  • books, magazines and notebooks (this will be tough)
  • household items (candles, decor, furniture, etc.)
  • electronics and appliances (unless my iPhone finally gives out, but right now NOT upgrading is saving us $20 a month on our bill.)
  • candy, while this technically consumerism, it doesn’t line up with my other goals so what a great time to eliminate it.

As you can see, the list of items I’m allowed to shop for are more or less “the basics” – plus the gifts for others, which is something I’m not willing to give up. On the surface to me it seems pretty easy, I’m not a huge shopper in general. That being said I’ve discovered over the last few months I am an emotional shopper and that is when this is going to be challenging. Typically when I go shopping with my friends I don’t buy anything anyway because I view it as social.

The only real hard area I predict will be this fall when the new iPhone comes out.  I currently have the iPhone 5 and had been telling myself that when the new ones come out I’d get the 6 at a discount. The other area is candy, this is often a “I deserve it” purchase that I talk myself into, they don’t happen that often anymore but are hard to resist.


All of this will begin August 1, 2015 – Jan 31, 2016. I don’t plan on doing any crazy shopping between now and then the delayed start date is more so I can make sure I have the rules established just as I want them. Also this will give me time to identify any other areas I need to address.

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  1. I just came across this post, not even really sure how, but I have never heard of a “shopping ban”. This sounds like a great way to save money. I may have to do some research into this myself and have my own shopping ban!

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