I run with a poise pad and other fit mom confessions.

If just 1 person sees this post and it removes a barrier for them to workout I’ll be one happy mama. So please comment below with your fit mom confessions.

  • All runs over 5 miles and all workouts that involve any level of jumping (even jumping jacks) are done with a poise pad. Embarassing? A little but hey no one said a word when I ran my 1/2 marathon. Who am I kidding, no one would know except the fact I just announced it to the world.
  • I distract my toddler with Seasame street so I can workout. I try other things first, but nap time is normally focused on cleaning and I can’t always distract her by any other means for a full workout.
  • Sometimes I have to quit a workout to tend to a child. Sometimes you can pause and get back in it but once in a while you just have to quit. Its ok, at least I tried and got something done even if it was only the warm up.
  • I don’t always want to push my girls in the jogging stroller. Sometimes I skip a run and workout at home because I don’t want to push the girls. Other times I just suck it up because I know once I get started I won’t want to stop.
  • Somedays the todo list is too long and I skip a workout. Yes exercise is my sanity and yes some days I forgo a chore or two to get it in. Otherdays things MUST get done and won’t if I workout, so I don’t and that is ok.
  • I sweat and I stink and I don’t shower till the kids are in bed. Yep not sure much needs to be said about that. If I go in public I do change clothes, put on deoderant and maybe even a body spray 😉

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